Echo Clothing

Echo Clothing

Email Marketing, Print Design,
SEO, Social Media.


In Q4 of 2022, we successfully managed an impactful project in collaboration with a prominent clothing brand based in Dublin. Tasked with optimising their email marketing strategy, we implemented measures to enhance engagement levels among their extensive subscriber base of over 2000 individuals. Our objective was to amplify online revenue during the critical period leading up to Black Friday and the subsequent January Sale launch.

As certified Klaviyo partners, we leveraged the platform’s capabilities to integrate automated flows into crucial segments of the online sales funnel. Our strategic approach involved constructing targeted flows specifically designed to address cart abandonment, introduce sign-up incentives, and foster post-sales engagement.

We strategically crafted visually compelling campaigns within our email marketing efforts, using a multitude of components to effectively drive online conversions as our primary objective. Notably, in December 2022, our Email Campaigns accounted for an impressive 23% of the total online revenue generated.

As a Klaviyo partner, we knew that we could supercharge the automated flow processes used by Echo. Coming into Q4 for a retail brand, it is important to ensure that all marketing bases are covered, so we re-wrote the flows to generate a higher conversion rate. Along with strong visual email campaigns for Black Friday and the lead into Christmas, Q4 was a huge success for Echo, beating the objectives set out for the company.

Meta advertising played a pivotal role as a core service in our partnership with Echo. We executed a range of campaigns, spanning from brand awareness initiatives to shopping and sales-focused campaigns. Notably, all of our campaigns yielded a positive return on investment (ROI), with December recording an exceptional ROI of up to 886%.

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